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Xtreme Snowmobile Trailers

Xtreme/Teton snowmobile trailers are the first enclosed trailers with a partial sidewall front ramp, providing the widest approach angle in the industry.

Xtreme Snow Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers by Mirage

Teton Snow Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers by TNT


The 72", partial side-wall front ramp gives you ultra low approach angle while loading or unloading. Climbing on and off your snowmobile to line it up with the ramp, moving other sleds out of the way, and fighting your trailer while unloading are virtually eliminated. The standard polybead, laminate floor keeps water, carbides, and fuel from harming your trailer. LCI Torsion axles provide unmatched load stability and reliability. With Xtreme/Teton you'll have access more options than with any other snowmobile trailer. A variety of packages, including our popular Blackout package, are available. They include custom graphics, aluminum wheels, ducted heating, and fuel systems.

Tandem or Triple Axle

Tandem axle Xtreme/Teton Snows are available from 16 to 28 feet in length, making a formidable 4 place snowmobile trailer capable of hauling 4700 pounds of sleds and gear. Triple axle snowmobile trailers are available in lengths from 28 to 34 feet, giving you the capability of hauling 6 sleds, gear, and fuel up to 6900 pounds.

*Trailer may be shown with optional features and/or customizations. Standard features are subject to change without notice.

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