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Xtera/Titan Cargos are Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, and 8.5 wide; Standard or V-Nose; Bumper-pull or Gooseneck.

5 Wide

The smallest of the Xtera/Titan model, the single axle 5 wide is perfect for handling most any light duty job, whether you need to carry gear for professional or recreational applications. This lightweight trailer's low body stance allows effortless towing behind almost any tow vehicle. The 5 wide Xtera/Titan is available in lengths up to 12 feet and can carry up to 2100 hundred pounds.

6 Wide

6 wide Xtera/Titan single axle trailers are our most popular seller for a reason. First, we refuse to cut corners during the manufacturing process. It's our goal to manufacture the finest enclosed trailers on the market. Second, it's versatile. 6 wide trailers make ideal haulers for work, play, or storage. The 6' wide single axle is available in lengths up to 14' and can support payloads up to 1800#. Get maximum cargo payload (up to 5700 pounds) in a trailer that is compact in size and low in weight with a tandem axle 6 wide. These enclosed trailers are ideal for hauling anything from ATVs, motorcycles (just add wheel chocks), tools, or building materials. The 6 wide tandem axle is available in lengths from 10 to 16 feet. V-nose models are also available in both tandem and single axle.

7 Wide

Our Xtera/Titan 7 wide single axle trailers give you the added cargo volume you need to handle a wide variety of applications. No interior fender boxes mean optimized cargo space for your loads. Our 7 wide enclosed trailers are available up to 14' in length with a maximum payload of 2600# pounds. The tandem axle is available in lengths from 12 to 20 feet, and it's capable of handling up to 5300 pounds of cargo. V-Nose models are available, giving you additional interior volume.

8 Wide

For big jobs Mirage/TNT brings you Xtera/Titan 8 wide tandem axle trailers. Built to handle up to 9000 pounds, or interior lengths up to 32 feet, rest assured that Mirage/TNT can configure your enclosed trailer to handle nearly any application.

8.5 Wide

Some manufacturers have a "big box" version of an 8 wide available as an "option" and then charge you an arm and a leg to get the added interior width. We just make 8.5 wide trailers as standard models to give you the extra interior space, and back them with a suspension package that will handle the big loads your going to tow. 8.5 wide enclosed trailers up to 32 feet in length are available with payload capacities up to 9200 pounds. V-nose models are also available.


Xtera/Titan cargos include tandem and triple axle gooseneck trailers. Working professionals in the field might want to add bathroom facilities, workshops, or storage space for tools to their trailer. Gooseneck enclosed trailers are ideal for creation of mobile work centers that make your job easier. Tandem axles are built on a rugged 8" I-beam frame (it's double 8" I-beam on 36 to 40 footers), are available in lengths from 24 to 40 feet, supporting huge payloads up to 8300 pounds. Triple axles are built on a durable 8" I-beam frame (with double 8" on models 36 feet and longer). Lengths from 28 to 52 feet are available, with weight ratings from 15000 to 21000 pounds, supporting nearly 14000 pounds of payload.

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