Xpo/Tote Cargo enclosed trailers are available in 5, 6, 7, and 8.5 widths.


The 5 wide Xpo/Tote is capable of hauling over a ton of cargo with a generous interior volume. Its 5x8 size is perfect for hauling behind just about any vehicle.


Single axle 6 wide Xpo/Tote cargo trailers give you that versatility bundled in a lightweight and economical package. The 6 wides come in lengths up to 12' can haul 1900 pounds. The tandem axle gives you a 12 foot model, with a payload up to 3500 pounds.


7 wide Xpo/Tote trailer provide 80" of interior width, up to 16' length, and over 5000 pounds of payload, these cargo trailers are able to handle tough assignments every day. With standard features not found on other "entry level" enclosed trailers, the Xpo/Tote is also affordable for just about anyone who needs a trailer for business or pleasure. Add the optional ramp door for even greater versatility.

8.5 WIDE

While some of our competitors stop at a 7 wide in their entry level category, Mirage/TNT offers Xpo/Tote 8.5 wide trailers. The standard 8" I-beam chassis and tandem 3500 pound axles give you plenty of stability to load the 96" wide cargo deck with all the gear, materials, and equipment you need. Also be sure and ask your dealer about the Car Carrier available for Xpo/Tote 8.5 wide models.

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