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Dump Trailer Manufacturers, Mirage Dump Trailers

Mirage/TNT remains competitive with other dump trailer manufacturers by offering units suited for small loads or heavy duty hauling. We offer gooseneck dump trailers, flatbed trailers, and standard Mirage Dump Trailers up to 8.5' wide. Mirage/TNT UDTs repeat the same, unrivaled standard of performance day in and day out. UDT dump trailers feature removable wood sides and range between 5x8 single axle and 7x16 tandem axle units. UDTGN gooseneck dump trailers are available 7x14 and 7x16. Flatbed dump trailers are available in bumper pull (UDTDO) and gooseneck (UDTDOGN) configurations. We also manufacture a ULSD light duty landscape dump trailer. Plenty of options for these units are also available.

  • UDT : Dump +

    UDT Dump Trailer : Heavy Duty Dump Trailers, Work Trailers

    The UDT Dump Trailer is available from 5' to 7' wide. These heavy duty dump trailers feature a 45 degree dump angle, making them excellent work trailers.

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  • UDTGN : Gooseneck Dump +

    Mirage/TNT Gooseneck Dump Trailers

    Our gooseneck dump trailers set the standard in the industry for rigorous, heavy duty, everyday use.

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  • UDTDO : Flatbed Dump +

    Flatbed Dump Trailer : Flat Bed Trailer, Utility Dump Trailer

    The UDTDO Flatbed Dump Trailer has a 96" bed placed over the wheel wells. The fold-down, dust proof, removable steel side walls add versatility to this flat bed trailer.

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  • UDTDOGN : Flatbed Gooseneck +

    UDTDOGN - Gooseneck Flatbed Dump Trailers

    The UDTDOGN combines the pulling advantage of our gooseneck dump trailers with the versatility of our flatbed trailers.

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  • ULSD : Landscape Dump +

    ULSD - Utility Landscape Dump Trailer

    Standard landscape trailers are greatly improved by adding a dump bed. ULSD landscape dump trailers from Mirage/TNT add convenience, save time, and money.

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