ULS : Landscape Trailers : Sizes

ULS Utility Landscapes are Available in 4, 5, and 6 wide.

4 Wide

Single axle 4 wide landscapes are the perfect choice for hauling equipment and tools when a larger trailer may not be necessary or cost effective. The size of these trailers makes them towable behind many vehicles, so you don't have to guzzle gas with a big truck on the way. Standard features include 2k swing jack, radius style fenders, LED lights, a 48" bed, and a 48" expanded metal ramp. 4 wide landscapes from Mirage/TNT are available in 6 and 8 foot lengths, capable of hauling up to 2320 pounds.

5 Wide

The 5 wide single axle ULS is perfectly suited for carrying equipment and tools to smaller job sites, yet the 60" bed still makes an ideal platform for carrying up to 2200 pounds. Standard features on these utility trailers include 2k a-frame jack, radius fenders, expanded metal ramp, and LED lights. Options include d-rings, brakes, torsion axle and radial tire upgrades, racks, storage boxes, and much more. 8, 10, and 12 foot lengths are available.

6 Wide

Mirage and TNT's 6 wide single axle ULS trailers combine agility and towability of smaller trailers with the cargo volume of a larger model. Standard features include 2k jack, radius fenders, 48" expanded metal ramp, and LED lights. Add torsion axles and radial tires to haul even more payload, or add racks and storage bins for tools. The 6 wide single axle is available in lengths from 10 to 14 feet and standard models can support up to 2000 pounds of payload. The tandem axle offers a maximum payload of 5500 pounds and lengths from 10 to 14 feet, tandem axle 6 wide landscape trailers from Mirage/TNT are popular among professionals who need hard working trailers. Standard features include teardrop style fenders, rear expanded metal ramp, and LED lights. Options such as side ramps, overhead storage, tool holders, and weedeater racks are available.


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