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Before buying a mirage trailer

Mirage Trailers and TNT would like to provide customers tips that could be useful to them before making a trailer purchase. Which trailer is best for you? What other factors have you yet to consider? 

  • Trailer Tips - Buying a Trailer +

    Tips for first time trailer buyers

    There are many factors to consider when shopping for your new trailer. Mirage Trailers can recommend some steps to take that will streamline the process.

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  • Tandem or Triple Axle? +

    Tandem vs. Triple Axle - What's best for you?

    Among the first things to do when shopping for a trailer is to evaluate its intended use. There are pros and cons to both tandem and triple trailer axles.

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  • Trailer Tips - Bias Ply or Radial Ply Tires? +

    Bias ply vs. Radial tires

    Whether purchasing a trailer for the first time or replacing tires on your trailer, Mirage Trailers can help you choose between radial or bias ply tires.

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  • Steel vs. Aluminum +

    There is a lot of debate about steel vs. aluminum trailers.

    Mirage Trailers would like to address the steel vs. aluminum trailers debate; a conversation since manufacturers started using aluminum in the 70’s.

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  • Trailer Tips - Theft Protection +

    Keep your trailer safe from thieves

    Here are some recommendations from Mirage Trailers that you can implement to reduce the chances that your trailer, or the cargo inside it, will be stolen.

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