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Keep your trailer safe from thieves

Here are some recommendations from Mirage Trailers that you can implement to reduce the chances that your trailer, or the cargo inside it, will be stolen.

Of course, in the real world, anti-theft devices only keep out honest people. If a thief is determined to get your stuff, they're going to get it. However, the more difficult you make it, the more likely it will be that a thief will choose an easier target or get caught in the act. Here are a few things you can do to make your trailer less appealing to crooks.

Make Sure Your Insurance Policy Covers Theft

And not only theft of the trailer, but theft of contents inside. Many insurance policies only cover the trailer, so if your dirt bike is inside when a thief strikes, too bad. Also, some insurance policies will only cover stolen items if they were taken out of an enclosed trailer, so check into that as well.

Store Your Trailer in a Secure Area.

Many of us simply don't have the garage space to store our trailers there. So, if you can't garage it, at least park your trailer behind a gated fence or in some other structure or enclosure. It only takes a thief moments to hook up to your trailer and drive away if it's simply in your driveway, or even attached to your tow vehicle.

Add Some Kind of Locking Device to The Hitch

There are dozens of different products on the market that limit access to your trailer's hitch. Most of these locking devices obstruct access to the underside of the hitch so that it will not accept a hitch ball. Watch out, though. Many fail to also obstruct access to the hitch latch assembly. If you're handy, you can always cut the top portion of a ball hitch off and weld a plate to it that will extend over the nut that secures the latch. Then you simply place the ball into the hitch, latch it down and then padlock it.

Add Some Kind of Wheel Locking Device

Another solution may be to add a wheel lock device. These devices make contact with both wheels, or a wheel and some other part of the trailer, and limit the trailer's mobility; sort of like a "boot" for a car.

We hope some of these ideas will get you on the right track to protecting your trailer as much as possible from those who would steal it. Happy trailering!

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