Spring 2016 Updates : Mirage Trailers : TNT Trailers

Mirage Trailers Updates

Spring has arrived and we have made some awesome changes to celebrate.

Radial Tires Standard on ALL Models

The one we are the most excited about is the discontinuation of the bias ply tires on all of our trailers. Going forward, radials are now standard equipment on every single trailer we build, and we think this is a crucial step forward.

LED Lighting now Standard on ALL Models

We are excited about upgrading all the exterior lights to LED lights, this will enhance the appearance and add value to our entry level models. The incandescent lights are now a thing of the past for us.

New Metallic Colors

Our most impressive modification is the revision of the exterior aluminum white skin (formerly Crystal White) to Metallic White; and the exterior aluminum black skin (formerly Gloss Black) to Metallic Black (both also now available in.024 and .050). These trailers will absolutely stand out from the competition.

New Drop Leg Sand Pad

We are also happy to announce we are updating the 2000# jacks on our A-frame cargo trailers. These jacks now include a drop leg insert with attached sand pad as standard equipment.

New LED Flood Lights

And lastly, we are also updating our 500 quartz flood lights to 12v LED flood lights, they are so much brighter!

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