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Side by Side UTV/ATV Trailer from Mirage/TNT

The Side by Side package converts certain Xcel/Transit models to UTV Trailers. These utility atv trailers accommodate virtually any UTV on the market.

Side by Side Package for Xcel/Transit UTV ATV Trailers

The extended height (80 3/4" wall studs) means that roll cages have plenty of clearance during loading and unloading. The driver side, RV door allows for easy access to your UTV, not to mention a way out after it's loaded. Two heavy duty recessed d-rings make securing your side by side easy. The rear ramp is reinforced to handle heavier machines. These features coupled with Xcel's "Xtra Plus Package" create a quality platform ideal for any buyer.

With the ever-expanding UTV market, customers are searching for quality trailers to haul these vehicles as never before. Mirage's ability to diversify our product line to offer new products customers are looking for is a primary reason why we continue to succeed even in the face of uncertainty in the marketplace. We invite you to try out this new package by asking your local authorized Mirage or TNT dealer for more details.

Package Includes:

Please note that the Side by Side Package can only be added to 7x12, 7x14, 7x16, and 8.5x16 models

  • (2) Fold-Down Rear Stabilizer Jacks
  • Wrapped Rear End
  • Upgrade to 15" Radial Tires on Silver Mod Wheels
  • Side Wall Air Flow Vents
  • Door Hold-Backs
  • Upgrade to RV Side Door (Roadside, 24" Back)
  • 15" Radial Spare Tire on Silver Mod Wheel
  • Interior Spare Tire Mount
  • All LED Lights
  • Chrome Hub Covers
  • (4) Floor Tie Downs
  • (4) Wall Tie Downs
  • 12" Extended Height
  • Side by Side Decals
  • Reinforced Rear Ramp Door
  • (2) Heavy Duty D-Rings (Mounted Front and Back)
  • Roof Vent
  • LED Lights

Please refer to Xcel/Transit Cargos for further information regarding specifications and other information.

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