Production Increases : Mirage Trailers : TNT Trailer

Cargo, utility, and RV trailer orders are on a definite upswing, encouraging industry leaders.

Orders for Mirage and TNT cargo trailers, utility trailers, and rv toy haulers are on a definite upswing, encouraging industry leaders.

Manufacturers in Idaho and Oregon have benefited from new orders coming in this past month.

Dealers are beginning to order more stock trailers as they witness an increase in their sales and the amount of prospective customers they have to choose from.  Both manufactures and suppliers have reported increases in production and sales volume.  While it is certainly a welcome change to have increases in production, sales, and employment back into the conversation, Rob Swikert, President of Mirage Trailers preaches temperance.

“We may be witnessing a small spike in overall market performance. I would advise careful optimism going forward.”

The trailer industry looks forward with expectations that the future will continue to be prosperous as we close the second quarter and move into the third.  Our neighbors to the north in Canada have continued to be a strong partner in our growth and we appreciate the success they have demonstrated in the past. We anticipate their continued growth as well.  There is an old saying that I believe holds true today:  “Time Will Tell”.

Bill Boyles has been involved with the trailer manufacturing industry for 39 years and is employed at Mirage trailers in Nampa Idaho.

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