3rd Party Certification : Mirage Trailers : TNT Trailer

Look for Pacific West Associates 3rd Party Certification on Mirage/TNT Trailers

As of 01/2009, trailers with 110v, LP gas, or plumbing with tanks must be 3rd party certified. We certify with PacWest Associates.

The actual enforcement of this law commenced in October 2009. Certification ensures our dealers, as well as the retail customer, that Mirage has, and is, subject to on-going inspections and monitoring for quality assurance functions as required by law. You will notice on the left hand side of the entry door of trailers with the above options the required Seal from PWA.

Mirage Enterprises is proud to be one of the first, if not THE first major cargo trailer manufacturer meeting these new standards. Our Snow and Sport trailers, as well as any other trailers with these options will have the required certification. The cost in dollars, time, effort and engineering is negligible compared to our desire to continue to supply the quality products our dealers have come to expect from us.

You as a Dealer can assure your retail customers that a Mirage Trailer is certified within the current laws. Can the manufacturers of the other brands of trailers on your lot say the same? A quality product, validated by a third party, ensures the safety and satisfaction of your retail customer and limits your liability pertaining to these products.

As always, we look forward to your questions and comments, but mostly we appreciate your continued support.

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