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Product updates concerning Mirage Trailers and TNT Trailer. See new innovations in trailers and available packages, products, upgrades, and features. We're committed to the continual improvement of our products and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to improve our product by offering you innovative features from reputable manufacturing partners. When you purchase a trailer under the our banner, you'll have the peace of mind to know that your trailer was manufactured by a company that is never satisfied with the status quo. You'll get a trailer that has the latest the industry has to offer.

  • New Exterior Accent Packages +

    Exterior Accent Packages for Mirage and TNT Trailers

    Mirage and TNT are proud to introduce two brand new exterior packages for 2017.

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  • Spring 2016 Updates! +

    Mirage Trailers Updates

    Spring has arrived and we have made some awesome changes to celebrate.

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  • Orders for Xtreme Gooseneck +

    Xtreme Sport Gooseneck

    We continue to receive orders for the Xtreme Sport Gooseneck snowmobile trailers as they increase in popularity.

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  • Latest Xtreme Gooseneck +

    Xtreme Gooseneck by Mirage/TNT

    Xtreme Sport Gooseneck snowmobile trailers continue to evolve!

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  • Xtreme Sport Gooseneck +

    Xtreme Sport Gooseneck Prototype

    Take a peak at our brand new, Xtreme Sport Gooseneck snowmobile trailers!

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  • Interior Accent Upgrade +

    Interior Accent Upgrade

    We're introducing a new Interior Accent Upgrade package for Xtreme/Teton series snowmobile trailers!

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  • Instant Chat +

    Online Chat Support From Mirage/TNT and Mirage Trailer Parts

    Did you notice the instant chat button at the top of the page? Well, we now offer online support on both our websites!

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  • Boot and Glove Dryer +

    Mirage/TNT Boot and Glove Dryer

    The boot and glove dryer is available for all Xtreme and Teton snowmobile trailers. It's also available as an aftermarket purchase on our parts site.

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  • LED vs. Incandescent +

    Mirage Recommends LED Trailer Lights

    When replacing your trailer lights, you may want to consider switching your old incandescents for LED trailer lights.

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  • LCI Equaflex vs. Torsion Axles +

    Lippert Components Equaflex Axle Equalizers

    Recently, our friends at LCI conducted a scientific ride test pitting their Equaflex trailer axles against a torsion axle.

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  • Blackout Package +


    Blackout Xtreme/Teton Sport and Snow Trailers

    Mirage/TNT offers a bold color scheme package for Xtreme and Teton snowmobile trailers. The Blackout Package adds a distinctive look that will turn heads.

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  • Self-Adjusting Brakes +

    Self Adjusting Trailer Brakes standard on most Mirage/TNT Trailers

    Mirage/TNT installs Self Adjusting Brakes as standard safety equipment on all trailer models equipped with 3.5k to 10k GVWR trailer axles.

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  • Cargo Craft ATV Trailers +

    CCATV - Cargo Craft ATV Trailers

    Mirage/TNT Trailers has recently released a new series of ATV trailers with unique features that benefit the retail public.

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  • PacWest Certification +

    Look for Pacific West Associates 3rd Party Certification on Mirage/TNT Trailers

    As of 01/2009, trailers with 110v, LP gas, or plumbing with tanks must be 3rd party certified. We certify with PacWest Associates.

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  • LCI Axles +

    Lippert Components Axles

    Lippert components torsion axle competitive analysis. Learn why Mirage/TNT Trailers chooses LCI Trailer Axles.

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