Snowmobile Trailers : Xtreme Goosneck : Update 02/15

Xtreme Gooseneck by Mirage/TNT

Xtreme Sport Gooseneck snowmobile trailers continue to evolve!

The Xtreme Gooseneck from Mirage/TNT continues to grow in popularity. We have thoroughly enjoyed the customer feedback and the experience of field testing our latest product in coordination with them. This latest unit features custom bench seating, cabinets, and a booming stereo package. We also added the latest feature, the angled side ramp, to the unit. Not only does the ramp design provide a unique aesthetic to the trailer, but the angle of the ramp provides a better approach angle for side loading.

Gooseneck snowmobile trailers are gaining in popularity among riders. Mirage continues to be a leader in innovation and quality in the marketplace.

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