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Interior Accent Upgrade

We're introducing a new Interior Accent Upgrade package for Xtreme/Teton series snowmobile trailers!

The interior package essentially adds color to the interior of your trailer that matches the exterior color scheme, providing a look to your trailer that is above and beyond what you might find elsewhere in the industry. The package is available on any Xtreme/Teton and can be ordered with any other package. Depending on what other packages are ordered with the trailer, the Interior Accent Upgrade adds the color you specify to the following:

  • Fuel Door Trim Rings
  • Boot Dryer
  • Heater Box and Ducting (smooth aluminum)
  • Interior Cove (smooth aluminum)
  • Cabinets (smooth aluminum)
  • Front and Rear Spring Assist Covers
  • Interior Corner Post Wraps

Coupled with the popular High Mark Premium and Blackout Packages, you can order an Xtreme/Teton that is truly amazing! You can check out more pictures of this new package by visiting us on Facebook.

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