Enclosed and Open Trailers by Mirage/TNT

Self Adjusting Trailer Brakes standard on most Mirage/TNT Trailers

Mirage Enterprises adds safety and value to our trailer lines with self-adjusting trailer brakes.

Mirage Enterprises is pleased to announce the addition of Self Adjusting Brakes as standard safety equipment on all models and sizes of trailers that are equipped with 3500 lb. to 10,000 lb. axles.  Company President and CEO Rob Swikert states “We are delighted to offer this benefit to both our Dealers and the Consumer, as we realize it affords greater added value to our lines.”

Axle manufacturers, such as those who supply Mirage,as well as Mirage itself, recommend brakes be adjusted every 3,000 miles.  However, we understand the reality is, the average consumer will rarely, if ever, adjust the brakes on their trailer. Therefore, the benefits of the “self-adjusted brakes” are:

  • Brakes self-adjust at every forward stop ensuring consistent braking;
  • Provide optimal brake performance as brakes auto-set to correct clearance;
  • Provide optimal brake lining and magnet wear; and
  • Provide peace of mind knowing the trailer will stop when needed.

Mirage is a leading trailer manufacturer in the Western United States and Canada, who constantly strives to move forward with innovative and practical safety features for the benefit of both our Dealers and the consumer.

Enclosed Trailers

  • Xtera/Titan Enclosed Cargo Trailers +

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  • Xcel/Transit Enclosed Cargo Trailers +

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Utility Trailers

  • USN : Snowmobile Trailers +

    USN Mirage/TNT Utility Snowmobile Trailers The USN drive on/drive off, flatbed utility snowmobile trailer features slanted-fold down front ramps and 6'6" rear slide-out ramps. Read More
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  • UCH : Car Haulers +

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  • UCHT : Tilt Car Haulers +

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RV Trailers

  • Balboa Toy Haulers +

    Balboa Toy Hauler The Balboa toy hauler features an all-steel frame built on a v-nose, car hauler chassis for the ultimate in payload Read More
  • Hardcore Toy Haulers +

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  • Illusion RV Trailers +

    Illusion Towable RV Travel Trailer Illusion is the first traditional RV trailer designed by Mirage Enterprises. Read More
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