Enclosed and Open Trailers by Mirage/TNT

This past winter we hitched our company truck to a new Mirage Xtreme 26-foot snowmobile trailer and gave our sleds a first-class ride to the mountains.

SnoWest Logo - There’s something nice about pulling into a snowmobile parking lot pulling a four-place enclosed trailer full of snowmobiles all ready to ride.

You don’t have to worry about road wash or removing covers. The sleds are as clean and dry as when you loaded them. It’s just nice to pull in, park, drop the doors and head out to the mountain.

This past winter we hitched our company truck to a new Mirage Xtreme 26-foot snowmobile trailer and gave our sleds a first-class ride to the mountains.

The Mirage not only looked great towing behind our truck, but it pulled well. This is a very functional trailer with all the features necessary for active snowmobilers.

We really don’t look for a lot of “bells and whistles” in a snowmobile trailer. We just want something that’s easy to load, easy to unload, easy to tow and easy to maintain. And Mirage makes a very solid trailer that fits our requirements.

Past snowmobile trailers tended to show their wear first on the floor— where the carbides bite into the surface.

Mirage uses a three-quarter inch polybead laminate treated plywood for the flooring which protects the wood and maintains the integrity of the floor. White vinyl interior walls provide a nice clean finish to the trailer, making it easy to clean.

Mirage trailers feature DOT and NHTSA approved lighting placements that are visible when doors or ramps are open, improving trailer visibility and safety. We went a little farther, having Mirage install LED lights along the sides of the trailer for noticeable visibility.

Mirage trailers are also constructed with stronger stamped hat bows to reinforce the roof and reduce the box twist under uneven road conditions. Mirage Trailers have been in business since 2003. This Nampa, ID-based company has gained an excellent reputation in quality and company service. The company specializes in custom trailers, tailor-made for specific uses, particularly in the toy hauler market. For more information contact Mirage Trailers (208) 461-7776.

This article was taken from the January issue of SnoWest Magazine from their Product Review section on Page 29. Mirage would like to thank SnoWest for the vote of confidence in the products we are so proud to build for the snowmobiling community.

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