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Welcome to Mirage Enterprises!

Taking care of your trailer's tires is essential. Here are some tables that should assist you in keeping your tires in good working order.

Tire Wear Chart

Tire Wear Chart

Wheel Torque

Bolt Pattern

5 on 4.5"

6 on 5.5"

8 on 6.5"

8 on 6.5"

Wheel Type





Thread Size

.5" - 20

.5" - 20

.5" - 20

.625" - 18

Mounting Pilot





Nut Type

60° Cone

60° Cone

60° Cone

90° Cone w/ Clamp

Torque (ft lbs.)





Proper Torque Pattern

Use a calibrated torque wrench to complete the torque fastening process, applying the same criss-cross or star pattern. Re-torque periodically during the trailer's initial towing and thereafter in accordance with the component supplier's recommendations.


  • DON'T deviate from the component manufacturer's recommendations regarding compatible components without a component engineering review.
  • DON'T use adhesive products to maintain fastener tension.
  • DON'T use lubricants or oils on threaded fasteners (studs or lugs) to make applying the torque easier unless assembly specifications require it.
  • DON'T apply any additional paint on fastener contact surfaces (mounting surfaces/hub faces or studs).

Winter Storage

If your trailer is stored for an extended period of time over the winter, it is important that the trailer be prepared properly. Jack up the trailer and place jack stands under the trailer frame so that the weight is off the tires. Never jack up or place jack stands on the axle tube or on the equalizers.

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Xecutive enclosed car haulers are designed for the most discerning professionals. The flat top design gives the profile of this enclosed trailer a sleek, stylish look.


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