Enclosed Trailers

When it comes to enclosed trailers, Mirage/TNT sets a whole new standard. It's easy to find a trailer among the several types we build that will suit both your needs and your budget. Choose from cargo trailers, snowmobile trailers, ATV trailers, car haulers, or motorcycle trailers. Select from high line trailer models with tons of available options or practical, quality entry level models ideal for first time buyers. Our brands are developing recognition throughout the United States and Canada. Customers and dealers alike have come to know that Mirage/TNT, and the myriad brands we carry, are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Cargo Trailers

  • Cargocraft Enclosed Trailers
    The Cargo Craft series of v nose, enclosed cargo trailers from Mirage/TNT features a fully lined interior. Read More
  • Xcel Cargo Trailers
    Xcel/Transit is a  mid-line enclosed cargo trailer with both the affordability of an entry level trailer and the standard features of more expensive, high line trailers. Read More
  • Xtera Cargo
    Xtera/Titan enclosed cargo trailers are simply the best on the market, period. Read More
  • Xpo Cargo Trailers
    The Xpo/Tote enclosed cargo trailer is perfectly suited for trailer owners who need a cargo trailer once a day or once a year. Read More
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Sport Trailers

  • Xtreme Snowmobile Trailers
    Without question Xtreme/Teton Snow is the best enclosed snowmobile trailer on the market today. Read More
  • Xecutive Moto Motorcyle Trailer
    Our Xecutive/Torque enclosed motorcycle trailers are built with the highest standard of quality, to make sure that hauling your bikes is a stress-free experience each and every time you pull out of the driveway. Read More
  • Xtreme Sport Enclosed Trailers
    Xtreme Sport has established total dominance in the enclosed snowmobile and ATV trailer markets in the West, and for good reason. Read More
  • X-Box Sport Trailers
    X-box/Toybox enclosed snowmobile/atv sport trailers make a fantastic 2 place trailer for first time buyers. Read More
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Car Haulers

  • Xecutive Car Hauler
    Xecutive/Torque enclosed car haulers are designed for the most discerning professionals. The flat top design gives the profile of this enclosed trailer a sleek, stylish look. Read More
  • Xcalibur Car Haulers
    The Xcalibur/Throttle enclosed car hauler from Mirage has a spacious, 96" wide interior with 82" between the wheel wells. Read More
  • Xcel Car Haulers
    96" of interior cargo space, and up to a 6500 pound payload means the tandem axle Xcel/Transit enclosed car hauler is fully capable of hauling most any automobile. Read More
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