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Goodride Tire Contstruction

Effective April 1st, 2018, all Mirage and TNT trailers will come standard with Goodride Tires.

Goodride Logo

Mirage is excited to announce this partnership with Goodride. Goodride tires are a well recognized brand within the trailer industry. They have been in business since 1958 with sales revenues approaching 3.25 billion dollars. They are ranked 10th among the top 75 tire manufacturers wold wide.

What key elements do you look for in a tire?

Lasting Quality?

Based on independent endurance testing Goodride lasted 10% longer than our closest competitor based on independent testing. 


With a full nylon cap, Goodride provides more puncture resistance. Utilizing Heat-Less Technology, and a thicker inner liner than our competitors, Goodride runs cooler to last longer and keep you on the road.

Thicker Liner

  • Maintains PSI
  • Keeps Tire Cooler
  • Maintains Structure
  • Better Durability

Full Nylon Cap

  • More Puncture Resistant
  • Combats Heat Cycle Damage

Heat-Less Compound Technology

  • Slows Down Aging
  • Extends Tire Life

Better Handling?

Goodride comes with Double Steel belts to improve towing stability while under load.

  • Reinforced to Prevent Expansion and Contraction
  • Counteracts Heat Cycle Damage
  • Improved Towing Stability Under Load


With a durable low scrub tread design and industry leading 10/32" tread depth, not only will you look good, but you will look good longer with the tire that offers the best endurance in the industry.

  • Longer Lasting Tread
  • Low Rolling Resistance - Reduces Tread Wear, Improves Fuel Economy


Four year limited no hassle, no gimmick warranty on the Goodride Radial.

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