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Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer: Mirage Enclosed Car Trailers, TNT Enclosed Race Car Trailers

Mirage and TNT manufacture enclosed car trailers from high line gooseneck enclosed race car trailers to our entry level enclosed car hauler trailer series with dozens of models between. Mirage/TNT is committed to manufacturing a trailer that suits your specific application, your budget, and your demand for a quality product. Choose from Xecutive (Torque) standard and deluxe flat top coaches, our Xcalibur (Throttle) enclosed car trailers, or our entry level Xcel (Transit) models. Mirage and TNT are committed to offering more standard features, more options, customizations, and the highest quality in the enclosed car hauler trailer class. This commitment to excellence makes Mirage and TNT compelling choices for your next car hauler.

  • Xecutive : Torque : Auto +

    Xecutive/Torque Race Trailer - Gooseneck Enclosed Car Hauler, Car Haulers

    The Xecutive/Torque race trailer is available in bumper pull and gooseneck enclosed car hauler configurations. They are flat top car haulers with a sleek, stylish profile.

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  • Xcalibur : Throttle : Auto +

    Enclosed Haulers - Xcalibur Car Hauler Trailers

    The Xcalibur/Throttle enclosed car hauler series has 82" between the wheel wells. These car hauler trailers are available in gooseneck, v nose, and radius.

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  • Xcel : Transit : Auto +

    Xcel (Transit) Racing Trailers, Enclosed Car Hauler Trailers

    Our entry level racing trailers are the Xcel/Transit series. These enclosed car hauler trailers can haul up to 6900 pounds with 96" of interior space.

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