Down Economy not Stopping Sledders : Mirage Trailers

Slow economy not slowing snowmobile hobby.

Despite the economy, sledders are still on the trails.

Nampa, Idaho – 1/28/2011 - If the US is in the middle of an economic downturn, you wouldn’t know it by the Snowmobiling Community. Another successful snowmobile season is approaching its end, and 2010-2011 has proven to be another great season on the trails. While the numbers may be slightly off from “pre-bubble” levels, there are still 1.65 million US sled owners enjoying the hobby, and another 500,000 in Canada.

According to Rob Swikert, owner of Mirage Trailers in Nampa, Idaho, snowmobile trailer sales were promising in 2010. “We had a great snow season.” Says Rob, “It’s obvious that people are still sledding, because we pushed a ton of product this year. We’re thankful to our network of dealers and our loyal customers for their continued faith in our product.”  Mirage manufactures the Xtreme Snowmobile trailer, a high line Sport trailer in addition to a full line of enclosed and utility trailers. They’ve been an industry leader in custom trailers since 2003.

According to a 2009 study, 54% of snowmobilers trailer their sleds to go riding, opposed to only 46% who can drive their sleds straight from home. Judging by Mirage’s optimism from this season, it’s fair to say that the snowmobile community has effectively whitewashed the downturn.

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