Introducing Cargo Craft ATV Trailers

CCATV - Cargo Craft ATV Trailers

Mirage/TNT Trailers has recently released a new series of ATV trailers with unique features that benefit the retail public.

“Cargo Craft” trailers can be stacked for shipping multiple units and the design lowers the angle of approach when loading from the side or rear.  Two versions of the Cargo Craft ATV/Utility are offered:  a two place 10’ and a three place 13’.  The 13’ three place can also accommodate one ATV and one UTV in most configurations.  Both trailers are affordably priced to attract customers to our dealerships and purchase.  Both trailers are all steel with floor pans running lengthwise to attain maximum strength and torsional rigidity.  They have tubing frames with 3500lb. spring type axles and 6 ply tires.  These trailers are now available from your local power sports dealers as well as Mirage and TNT dealers.

Bill Boyles has been involved with the trailer manufacturing industry for 39 years and is employed at Mirage trailers in Nampa Idaho.

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