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Tips for first time trailer buyers

There are many factors to consider when shopping for your new trailer. Mirage Trailers can recommend some steps to take that will streamline the process.

What are You Hauling?

First, purchase a trailer that is primarily designed for what you're hauling. Hauling landscaping equipment and tools? A simple landscape trailer should be fine. Hauling an expensive automobile? You should look into getting a car hauler. Second, determine the dimensions (length, width, height) and weight of your cargo. Remember, the interior volume of a trailer and its weight rating are entirely separate things. You'll need a trailer that can handle both. Finally, does your cargo need to be protected from the elements? If so, you'll need to look for an enclosed trailer rather than an open utility trailer.

Know What You're Buying.

As with almost everything else, you get exactly what you pay for when buying a trailer. So, purchase the best trailer that fits in your budget. The concept of the trailer may be largely identical from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you should pick a company with a reputation for using quality materials and workmanship.  Also make sure the company you choose offers the options or customizations you'll need. Landscapers may want racks for their weed-eaters, tool boxes, or an additional side ramp. Car haulers may want escape doors, cabinets, stabilizer jacks, etc. You may even need to customize your trailer completely to fit a specific application. Getting your options or customizing your trailer while it's built may save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars over having them installed aftermarket.

Know Who You're Buying From.

Picking a reputable dealer is critical. Does the dealer have a reputation for providing good customer service before and after the sale? It's probably a safe bet that you'll want to work with an informative, low-pressure salesperson that isn't going to forget you exist the minute you pull away from the parking lot. Make sure you pick a dealership with a service department. Your trailer will need regular routine maintenance and repairs from time to time. If you need it, make sure your dealer also offers financing.

Does Your Tow Vehicle Even Lift, Bro?

Hopefully, your tow vehicle can handle the trailer and cargo you intend to pull. Make sure you have the proper towing hitch and capacity to haul your trailer. Make sure you have the right sized hitch ball for the trailer coupler. You'll also want to make sure your tow vehicle is wired to run the trailer's lights.

Protect Your Investment

Do you have a place to safely, securely, and legally park your trailer when not in use? Unfortunately, you'll probably need to check city ordinances or your homeowner's association covenants regarding trailer parking. Part of that may also entail researching RV parking/storage facilities about keeping your trailer there. You'll also need to insure your trailer. If you plan on storing items in your trailer even when it's not in use, it's recommended that you check with your insurance provider to make sure the contents of your trailer are protected from damage or theft should either of those unfortunate events occur.

Jump on the web, talk with your friends and colleagues, and start shopping! Happy trailering!

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