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Bias ply vs. Radial tires

Whether purchasing a trailer for the first time or replacing tires on your trailer, Mirage Trailers can help you choose between radial or bias ply tires.

Here is some information that may help you make a more informed choice.

First, let's take a look at what each of these tires actually are.

Radial Tires - Radial Tires are built with plies 90 degrees to the direction of travel as illustrated below:

This is a radial tire.

Bias Ply - Bias ply tires a made with multiple plies overlapping each other as illustrated here:

This is a bias ply tire.

You can check out another illustration here.

The advantage of a radial tire over a bias ply is pretty significant. Radial tires offer a softer, smoother ride. You get better gas mileage with a radial tire. They have a wider, flatter footprint which reduces wear. They run much cooler than a bias so they don't overheat as quickly. With a radial tire, you get much better tracking.

Bias ply tires do have a stronger sidewall that is more resistant to bruising and other incidental abuses. They are also much cheaper.

The decision to choose radial over bias boils down to frequency of use and cost. The benefits of a radial tire are not realized if your trailer is rarely used. So, if your trailer sits for extended periods of time between uses, the reduced cost of a bias tire exceeds the benefits in gas mileage and tire wear.

For a more detailed overview of bias ply vs. radial tires, click here. Happy trailering!

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