Adaptation to Market : Mirage Trailers : TNT Trailer

Mirage continues to diversify their product line with products such as Cargo Craft enclosed trailers.

As many companies struggle to exist in these rough economic times, others are expanding their product lines through innovation and spurring new sales.

One such company is Mirage Enterprises in Nampa, Idaho.  Mirage Trailers and TNT have developed several new products that deliver affordable value to a market that is, now more than ever, cost driven.  The average consumer is short on disposable income and is completely driven by “how much can I purchase for the least amount of dollars?”. Mirage Enterprises has developed a new low-cost cargo trailer, the “Cargo Craft” to meet the demands of the current market.  Using knowledge held within the company, Mirage has applied RV technology and Cargo trailer design to bring about a low cost trailer capable of delivering reliability and value.

 Mirage Enterprises has also assisted a local entrepreneur to develop a custom transport trailer for show cars.  The design of this trailer improved gas mileage in the tow vehicle by 29% , when hauling the identical vehicle over the same route of 100+ miles, according to owner Lee Nevill.  You can check out this trick car hauler on Lee’s website at

Mirage Enterprises is also bringing new options to the snowmobile trailer market for the 2011 season and will be announced in the very near future.  Growing a company in this type of economy is an intense undertaking on many different fronts.  Mirage has shown its company’s desire to not only survive this downturn, but to increase both sales and market share through innovation and hard work.

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